Medina's street artist 

The little street artist has turned the streets of Al-Medina into her canvas to draw on them.

I was surprised when I saw many beautiful drawings were displayed on the streets, while I was waiting for the artist to come which they told me it was done by Samiha, I was amazed by the drawings on the streets. The girls there started to draw and brought me a white chalk to draw with them, then Samiha came and joined us too!

I decided to take photos of Samiha, upon her permission. She told me that she loves to draw in her free time and there were times where she was forced to stop drawing on the streets by the police! But she is still drawing without anyone knowing that.

When I told her to keep doing what she loves and that one day she will be an artist, she hugged me and was happy to hear someone she does not know encouraging her to continue doing the things she enjoys the most.